Tax law has never been a more contentious or high-profile issue, both for individuals and businesses, as governments around the world seek to raise tax revenues without alienating specific groups.

The result is greater complexity in tax rules and their application, especially in the BD where the government has introduced a number of anti-avoidance measures and a general anti-abuse rule.

This hardening of attitudes towards tax law and tax planning is also reflected in the approach taken by NBR and the courts. Tax law is applied more strictly and what was formerly seen as acceptable tax planning is now regarded as tax avoidance.

Detailed and changing rules, closer scrutiny and higher penalties – both in terms of fines and reputational and commercial impact – all mean that sound, up-to-date and commercially driven tax advice is now more important than ever.

We advise Bangladeshi and international clients on tax issues including:

  • Corporate tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions, finance and transfer pricing
  • Tax relating to real estate
  • Value added tax, with the focus on property-related transactions
  • Owner managed business planning for income and capital taxes
  • International investment and cross-border transactions
  • Investment funds
  • Private capital